Laser Cutting

At Razor Contract Manufacturing, Ltd. we operate a Trumpf 3040 Fiber Laser that allows us to cut material up to 1” thick. Our new fiber laser allows for clean, precise cutting of material to give our customers a quality finish on their product.



We have 3 Trumpf press brakes: V200, 5230, and a 7036, that can bend material to any required angle. We have tooling that will allow us to do a multitude of bends at any angle.



All of our welders are CWB certified. We take pride in the quality of work that we produce at Razor. We are able to achieve this through proper training, welding engineer support, quality control and safety. We perform Mig welding in steel and stainless steel.

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Design & Draft Work

At Razor, we have the staff and the software to assist you in transforming your ideas into a finished product. We are able to assist in preparing both 2D and 3D renderings of your product to assist in the manufacturing process. With the use of the most current software, we can draft and design any number of products for our customers for us to fabricate efficiently.

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Since 1993

Razor Contract Manufacturing, Ltd.

Razor Contract Manufacturing, Ltd. (RCM) was established in 2010 in Saint John, New Brunswick. We specialize in metal fabrication, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. We operate out of a 35,000 square foot facility with the capability of laser cutting, bending and welding primarily for the aerospace industry. We also have an extensive line of subcontractors that can service our customer’s needs as well.

We pride ourselves at providing high quality products to our customers on time and at a competitive price. We promote a safe work environment that allows our team to produce your product efficiently.

Razor is ISO 9001:2015 registered and is certified CWB W47.1 standard. We have a proven process that allows us to produce products for our customers. We strive to achieve the highest quality while ensuring we maintain a safe work environment for our employees.


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